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Welcome to Wermlands Nation

"Wermlands Nation" is a student club at the University of Linköping. Nations exist at many Universities in the Nordic countries, and they traditionally organize students according to province, county or other geographic regions. Today, nations welcome any student regardless of origin, but the traditions are often influenced by the respective region.

Wermlands Nation is named after the provinces of Värmland and Dalsland (see below for more information). Our parties and activities often have a touch of Värmland, which can be experienced in the form of songs, poems, food, symbols, etc.

Note that all nations are non-profit organizations without any ties to or financial support from the student unions.

This page will give you an overview of Wermlands Nation, but the rest of our web site is in Swedish only.

Joining Wermlands Nation

Why should you join Wermlands Nation as an exchange student or similar? You will meet students who study different programmes and courses, and you'll get that unique touch of one of Sweden's nicest provinces. :-)

Please note that most of our activities, presentations, etc. will be in Swedish. Even though nearly all Swedish people speak English, you cannot expect everything to be translated for you. But, we will send information by email in both English and Swedish to our members since we always invite international guests to our activities.

Starting the autumn semester of 2010, we have a membership fee. You apply for membership, pay the fee, and then you're part of our community. If you understand Swedish, you can find more information about the membership on the page [Bli medlem]. To become a member, fill in the Swedish web application form. Otherwise, send us an e-mail and we will get back to you.

More about the nation

Wermlands Nation was founded in 1985, and we have been active for 27 years! We have always been one of the most active nations at Linköping University, and our activities ranged from big parties to smaller events: dinners, wine tasting, pub evenings, excursions, sports, attending plays and movies, board or card game evenings, presentations of Värmland companies, etc.

However, around 2005 a decline started in the students' will to participate and help out, which have affected many student organizations. We have worked hard to overcome this, and we’re now back with a new board of students, and full steam ahead!

We also have a lot of interchange activities with other nations at the universities in Uppsala, Lund and Helsinki. This is a long tradition that we are proud of, and it's very fun and informing. We are invited to their major events and we invite them to ours.

More about Värmland and Dalsland

The provinces of Värmland and Dalsland are located in the west of Sweden, at the great lake of Vänern. For an English explanation of Sweden's provinces and a map, take a look at the Wikipedia article "Provinces of Sweden".

Our two provinces are rich in forests, lakes, rivers, streams and canals. The landscape is scenic and large parts are rural areas. The biggest city is Karlstad ("Charlestown") with some 83,000 people and it's own university.

Värmland is famous for its friendly, rural dialect and a great tradition of storytelling, including the works of Nobel prize-winning author Selma Lagerlöf, and poet Gustaf Fröding. The genuine inhabitants are also known for telling tall tales.

Other world-famous Swedes from Värmland are race driver Kenny Bräck, founder of Ericsson Lars Magnus Ericsson, inventor John Ericsson, football trainer Sven-Göran Eriksson, Olympic high jump champion Stefan Holm, and actress and singer Zarah Leander.

Some famous companies and products from Värmland are the crisp bread maker Wasabröd, the potato chip maker OLW, and the coffee Löfbergs Lila. In the area of sports you can find the hockey team Färjestad, the bandy team Boltic, the football team Degerfors IF and a great number of successful rally drivers.

And finally, in the musical arena you will find the Arvika festival, and the bands Sven-Ingvars, Vikingarna, Detektivbyrån, Da Buzz, Jumper, Sparzanza, Renegade Five, and many others.

Again, welcome to Wermlands Nation!